Win a 14-day
Zambian road trip

Liisa Galea of Vancouver, Canada is the lucky winner of the Zambia Safari in 2018. She plans to travel in August with her husband and two adult children. We look forward to welcoming them.

Watch out for more MTT safari giveaways in 2019.

14 Day Bespoke Zambia Safari

There remains a great deal of nostalgia in the way the travel industry markets Africa. Africa the way it was, so the branding goes. I have never understood this.

The real Africa is the here and now, not what it was 100 or even 10 years ago, and it waits for you outside your safari lodge any time you want to see it. It is why I love traveling by road through Zambia. This 14 day itinerary includes three national parks and is the right mix of adventure and comfort.

Mana Pools & Matusadona National Parks, Zimbabwe

June 19-30, 2018
This set departure, led by MTT Director Leslie Nevison, is now open to 6 people.


3 days camping & 3 days Kavinga Safari Lodge at Mana Pools National Park & 2 days Lake Kariba / Matusadona National Park.

Optional 4 days / 3 nights extention safari to Savé Conservancy, Zimbabwe, timed to catch wild dog denning.



MTT offers a set departure, small group tour for the Likumbi Lya Mize festival of the Luvale people of Northern Zambia, held over several days in late August and culminating on the last Saturday of August.

The Luvale are thought to have originated in Sudan, migrating south to Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo before settling in Angola and Northern Zambia. Their festival, which honours this rich cultural heritage, was first held in Zambia's Zambezi District in 1956 and is considered to be among Zambia's oldest ceremonies. Today, the Likumbi Lya Mize is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage event because of its unique, masked dancers known as Makishi.

MTT's set departure provides road transport to and from Lusaka, accommodation, and entrance to the festival grounds. Estimated dates are August 21-27, 2018. MTT's Director accompanies this group which is open to four people. Please get in touch to reserve your place.

Savé Conservancy, Zimbabwe

July 01 - 05, 2018

This set departure, also led by MTT Director Leslie Nevison, is timed as an extension to the Mana Pools and Matusadona NP set departure after a few days rest in Harare.

The Savé Valley supports one of Africa's most important African wild dog populations. A visit here can offer unparalleled viewing opportunities. Wild dog denning season is typically June through early August.

For more information on Savé, see Leslie's article for Travel & Leisure Zambia magazine.

Can't join us in Savé in July? We can arrange your Save stay whenever it is convenient for you to come.

Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, Central African Republic

Oct 07 - 12, 2018
This set departure for 8 people, led by MTT Director Leslie Nevison, is full. The waiting list is open. We will run two tours back to back if the waiting list reaches 6 people.

"Voodoo" Festival, Benin


On January 11 every year, Benin celebrates its Voodoo Festival. One of the best places to observe the festival is in Ouidah, a town an hour's drive from Cotonou. CNN has called this festival one of Africa's top five festivals not to be missed. Festivities begin two days before the main festival. There are private celebrations happening in and around town and we seek permission to attend them.

This small group tour is open to eight people and will be led by MTT's Director. As the reservation list takes shape we will put together the final itinerary and costs.

Voodoo originated in Haiti during French colonial times, but its foundations are the tribal religions of West Africa which incorporated ancestor worship, singing, dancing, drumming, and spirit possession.

These ancient beliefs were brought to Haiti by slaves in the seventeenth century who were captured mainly from the Dahomey Kingdom. The word 'voodoo' derives from the word 'vodu' in the Dahomey language of Fon and means "spirit." In Haiti, the slaves created a new religion which combined West African beliefs with Haiti's indigenous beliefs and it is this colorful melange of ritualistic spectacles that they brought back to Africa and which forms the core of voodoo today.

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