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Birding in North West Zambia

SPECIAL TOUR Mwinilunga is already on international birders’ radar. The ecology in Northwest Zambia combines one of the country’s largest wet and dry evergreen forests with miombo woodlands, Kalahari sands and grasslands. One of Zambia’s top birding guides has recently opened a bush camp and a fly camp in this far western corner which will […]

Zambian Festivals

SPECIAL TOUR The dates of many Zambian festivals are unreliable, making attendance difficult for international visitors. However, there are a few exceptions which MTT can arrange for you. The Nc’wala festival of the Ngoni people of Eastern Zambia is held the last week of February. The Ngoni trace their origins to the Zulu people of […]

Lake Tanganyika

SPECIAL TOUR Twenty years ago, on a visit to Lake Tanganyika on its Tanzania side, I recall thinking that the lake’s clear waters spoiled me for any other lake in Africa. In either country, Lake Tanganyika is indeed a gorgeous place. The steep escarpments bordering the lake are magnificently green in March, the end of […]

Liuwa Plains

SPECIAL TOUR You can fly in and out of the increasingly popular Liuwa Plains National Park or you can undertake a bigger adventure and drive via Kafue National Park on the outbound journey from Lusaka and return via the Upper Zambezi River and Livingstone/Victoria Falls. MTT is big on circular routes which eliminate time-wasting back-tracking. […]

Malama Umoyo, Malama Chiefdom

SPECIAL TOUR Step off the safari lodge regimen for a few days and enjoy them in a private cottage for two which overlooks the Luangwa River. Although located 40 kms from Mfuwe (gateway to South Luangwa National Park), MU’s two cottages are just 8 kms from South Luangwa National Park’s most southerly gate of Lusangazi […]

“Voodoo” Festival, Benin

SPECIAL TOUR On January 11 every year, Benin celebrates its Voodoo Festival. One of the best places to observe the festival is in Ouidah, a town an hour’s drive from Cotonou. CNN has called this festival one of Africa’s top five festivals not to be missed. Festivities begin two days before the main festival. There […]

Lodge to Lodge Self Drives

SPECIAL TOUR MTT’s “Drive Zambia” itineraries see the country with a Zambian driver/guide behind the wheel. For those who prefer the adventure of doing their own driving, but not the worry and time which goes into planning, MTT creates the perfect self-drive itinerary with 4 x 4 vehicle and accommodations arranged in advance. We collect […]


SPECIAL TOUR Tanzania is where MTT’s love affair with Africa began some 20 years ago, so it continues to keep its place as an MTT favourite. True, Tanzania’s northern safari circuit is very busy, but it is a huge tourist draw with good reason. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park are UNESCO World […]

Dzanga-Ndoki National Park

SPECIAL TOUR The tropical forests of the Congo Basin comprise the world’s largest rainforests after those of the Amazon Basin. They are among the last of their kind on the planet. Sectors of these forests are protected as national parks in the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo and Cameroon, and are home to […]

10 Day Bespoke Zambia

SPECIAL TOUR The Great North Road was originally envisioned by Cecil John Rhodes during British colonial rule as stretching from Cape Town to Cairo, a Pan-African highway linking the continent from south to north. This grandiose project’s success proved elusive, but the section of The Great North Road through Zambia lives on. This is adventure […]